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Roland Ultra RZU 5


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  • Standard Dampening for consistent printing quality

  • Currently Under Power for demonstration and inspection

  • Well-maintained, in Good Condition

  • Immediate Availability for seamless integration into your operations

Description: Introducing the Roland Ultra RZU 5, a vintage gem from the year 1970 that continues to deliver reliable performance. This printing machine is equipped with features that ensure quality prints and operational convenience.

The Standard Dampening system of the Roland Ultra RZU 5 guarantees consistent and precise ink distribution, resulting in prints that stand out with vibrant colors and sharp details.

One of the unique advantages of this machine is that it's currently Under Power, allowing you to witness its capabilities firsthand. Feel free to schedule a demonstration and inspection to experience its smooth operation and assess its condition.

Rest assured, the Roland Ultra RZU 5 has been well-maintained and is in Good Condition. Its enduring design and robust build make it a valuable asset for businesses seeking reliable printing solutions.

In need of a dependable printing machine without delay? This Roland Ultra RZU 5 is Available Immediately, ensuring that you can swiftly integrate it into your production line and start producing outstanding prints.

Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of printing history that's still capable of meeting modern demands. Contact us today to learn more and secure the Roland Ultra RZU 5 for your printing endeavors.

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