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ROLAND R806-6+L Offset Printing Machine


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  • Color Configuration: 6 colors + Coater (6 color)

  • Maximum Sheet Size: 100x140 cm

  • Straight + Coater Unit: Versatile printing options for various applications

  • RCI Remote Control: Precision control for ink and register settings

  • Rolandmatic: Enhancing the efficiency of the printing process

  • Baldwin Chiller: Maintains consistent temperature for optimum performance

  • Quick Action Clamps: Streamlined setup and adjustments

  • Coater Unit: Add a protective or glossy finish to prints

  • IR Dryer: Accelerates drying for quicker turnaround

  • Powder Spray: Ensures pristine print quality

  • Location: Machine is located in Europe

  • Immediate Availability: Ready for loading and delivery

Description: Unleash the power of printing excellence with the remarkable ROLAND R806-6+L Offset Printing Machine. Crafted in 1987, this machine combines innovation and precision to bring your printing aspirations to life.

With its 6-color configuration plus Coater, the possibilities for creative expression are endless. The capability to handle sheets up to 100x140 cm opens doors to a diverse range of projects, while the straight + coater unit offers versatility in your print applications.

Experience unparalleled control with the RCI remote system, effortlessly managing ink and register settings. The Rolandmatic feature further elevates your workflow efficiency, making every print run a seamless endeavor.

Keeping performance at its peak, the Baldwin chiller ensures a consistent temperature environment. Quick action clamps simplify setup and adjustments, saving you valuable time. The coater unit adds an extra layer of finesse, whether you're aiming for protection or a glossy finish.

Accelerate your turnaround times with the IR dryer, ensuring swift and thorough drying. The powder spray feature guarantees the pristine quality your prints deserve.

Located in Europe, this machine is primed and ready to elevate your printing operations. Immediate availability means you can hit the ground running – there's no waiting. Seize this opportunity to revolutionize your printing capabilities with the ROLAND R806-6+L.

Get in touch today to make this extraordinary machine yours. Elevate your printing prowess and unlock a new realm of possibilities.

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