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Man Ultraman GS VI 5 Color


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À propos de l'appareil

Reference Number: CN001ST

Year: 1981

Color: 5 printing units, 100x140 cm


  • Printing Style: Straight

  • Printing Units: 4 colors + varnish in fifth unit

  • Overhauled: 2002

  • Remote Control: Yes

  • Dampening System: Alcohol dampening

  • Cooling System: Baldwin chiller

  • Blanket Washer: Included

  • Powder Spray: Included

Description: Introducing the Man Ultraman GS VI 5 Color Printing Machine, a remarkable piece of equipment that combines precision, versatility, and decades of trusted performance. With a printing area of 100x140 cm, this machine opens up a world of possibilities for your printing projects.

Manufactured in 1981 and thoughtfully overhauled in 2002, the Man Ultraman GS VI has stood the test of time while maintaining its printing prowess. The straight printing style ensures consistent and accurate results, making it an ideal choice for a range of applications.

Equipped with 4 color printing units and a fifth unit for varnish, this machine allows you to add a touch of distinction to your prints. The included remote control feature streamlines your operations, enhancing efficiency and control.

The alcohol dampening system ensures optimal ink distribution and smooth printing, while the Baldwin chiller keeps temperatures in check, contributing to print quality and longevity.

Say goodbye to manual cleaning with the built-in blanket washer, a convenience that enhances productivity. The powder spray feature adds the finishing touch, ensuring prints come out pristine and free from imperfections.

With a legacy that spans over four decades, the Man Ultraman GS VI 5 Color Printing Machine is a testament to reliability and innovation. Whether you're producing vibrant marketing materials or intricate designs, this machine is ready to bring your vision to life.

Don't miss this opportunity to elevate your printing capabilities. Contact us today to learn more about the Man Ultraman GS VI and how it can revolutionize your printing processes. Reference Number: CN001ST.

Remember, this description is just a sample and can be customized further based on your specific machine's features and condition. Always provide accurate and transparent information to potential buyers.

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