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Roland Ultra RZU 6 (UV) Printing Machine


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Print Size: 40”x56” inch (110 x 140 cm)

Features and Specifications: Discover a classic in the printing world – the Roland Ultra RZU 6. Crafted in the year 1972, this printing machine is a testament to enduring quality and performance. With a generous print size of 40”x56” inches (110 x 140 cm), it's equipped to handle a wide range of printing projects with precision and finesse.

Water Dampening: Efficiency meets quality with the water dampening feature. Achieve consistent and even dampening across your prints, ensuring clear and vibrant results every time.

UV Varnish Conversion: Experience versatility like never before. This Roland Ultra RZU 6 has been expertly converted for UV varnish application in both units. Elevate your prints with a stunning and protective UV varnish finish, adding a layer of sophistication to your creations.

UV Dryer in Delivery: Witness efficiency in action with the included UV dryer in the delivery section. This feature ensures rapid curing of UV varnish, allowing for quicker turnaround times and reduced waiting periods.

Chromed Impression Cylinder: Precision and durability combine with the chromed impression cylinder. This enhancement guarantees smooth and consistent impressions, contributing to the overall quality of your prints.

Availability: Ready to enhance your printing capabilities? The Roland Ultra RZU 6 is available for acquisition immediately. Seize the opportunity to elevate your print projects without delay.

From its enduring design to its modern UV varnish capabilities, the Roland Ultra RZU 6 (UV) embodies the perfect blend of tradition and innovation. Step into the world of high-quality printing with this remarkable machine. Contact us today to secure your investment and transform your print projects into works of art.

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